Pull Handle | W Series

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Pull Handle | W Series

Regular price $89.95
Regular price Sale price $89.95

The perfect addition to your W-Series stroller wagon! Our pull handle attachment is easy to install, super durable, adjustable, and the perfect add-on to make pulling your stroller wagon through rough terrains a breeze.

4 Sided Shade Net (W Series) - Example - Side

Shade Net | W Series

Summer sometimes brings a little too much sunshine, but our shade net helps by providing partial 360-degree coverage!

+ $29.95

-Perfect for sand, dirt and more!
-Easy to install
-Vegan leather cover for smooth and comfortable grip
-Compatible with all W-Series Stroller Wagons
-Three adjustable heights
-Buckle to attach to carriage when not in use

Customer Reviews

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tashia freeman

Love it thanks so much

Adds another level of ease to a great wagon!

I wish the wagon originally came with a handle— so when I saw that it was finally being offered as an accessory, I jumped at the opportunity. The handle is sturdy and well-made and it makes navigating most terrain incredibly easy and comfortable. The one caveat is going downhill on a street or sidewalk that has a bit of an angle decline. If the wagon is already packed with three kids and other things (drinks, snacks, etc), that weight is going to be almost impossible to stop while traveling downhill with the pull handle. The obvious solution would be to use the push handle instead— but that’s something that will require some forethought because it isn’t easy to run from pulling to pushing in a split second. Other than that, I am glad to have this accessory and am looking forward to seeing future innovations to this wagon.

Kristen Colvin
Pull Handle

HUSBAND APPROVED.. He said it is the best accessory I have for my wagon.

Jacob Stout

W-Series Pull Handle

Morgan Stevens
Must have for the beach!

Thanks to the pull handle I can now take my W4 on the beach. I can comfortably pull my infant, 5 year old and 2 year old all loaded up with beach stuff about 25yrds before I feel the burn!

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