Retractable Stroller Canopy

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Retractable Stroller Canopy

Regular price $84.99
Regular price Sale price $84.99

Protect your kids from the sun with this easy-to-install Wonderfold Retractable Canopy. This product would replace the original canopy used in the W-Series stroller wagons and is sold in a single or dual pack. The retractable canopy is compatible with all W-Series stroller wagons, including the Original W4 and W2, however they are not able to lock in place for those models. They will only lock in place for the W2 and W4 Elite and Luxe models.

2-In-1 Cup & Phone Holder For WonderFold Wagon

Cup & Phone Holder

The days of rummaging through your bags to find your phone are over, our cup and phone holder keeps your phone within arms reach for quick and easy access.

+ $16.99

-Retractable Innovative Design
-Sun Protection
-Easy to Install
-Features Optional Side Mesh Panels for Extra Airflow
-Unzips to Provide Extra Coverage
-Optional Visor
-Peek-A-Boo Window Allows for More Parent and -Child Interaction
-Compatible on all W-Series Stroller Wagons

Retractable Stroller Canopy

W2 Elite|Luxe

One Canopy


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Retractable Stroller Canopy

Retractable Innovative Design

Sun Protection

Compatible on all W-Series Stroller Wagons

Features Optional Side Mesh Panels for Extra Airflow

Unzips to Provide Extra Coverage

Retractable Stroller Canopy

Optional Visor

Easy to Install

Specs and Dimensions

Folds down for easy travel and more adventures.

Wonderfold in the Wild

Customer Reviews

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Stacey B
Retractable Canopies

Oh my goodness y'all, I love our new canopies! I mean I already loved our wagon but these are the sprinkles on top! Each retractable canopy slides into the slots where the original canopy goes. Super easy to do! There's bengees that loop around for an extra secure fit. Each canopy has two magnetic flaps on either side, along with a peak-a-boo fall on each back. I'm a sucker for big canopies, these beauties extend and then some! Lots of shade coverage as well. My youngest is 7 y.o., about 50 lbs and I have no clue on height. But he had plenty of clearance with the canopy fully extended and in the seat.

alex futch
Our daughter loves it!

Super cute and she loves the privacy it gives her

Mayra F.

Omg im in love wow im so excited i guess you can clearly tell that im a mom

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