Snack Tray | W Series

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Snack Tray | W Series

Regular price $49.95
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Now your little ones can snack or play on the go! The snack tray creates an instant surface where your little ones can have all sorts of fun!


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Clean with a soft towel, lukewarm water and mild cleaning solution. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth.

-Easy to install
-Easy to clean
-Mesh pockets for kids' belongings
-Velcro straps for kids' cups
-Two-sided bottom padding
-Faux leather side for eating and easy cleaning
-Polyester fabric side for activity table

Snack Tray | W Series

W4 Models


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Snack Tray | W Series

Snack and play on the go

Faux leather side for eating and easy cleaning

Polyester fabric side for activities

Snack Tray | W Series

Easy to Install

Two-Sided Bottom Padding

Specs and Dimensions

Snack on the go!

  • Compatible on all W-Series Stroller Wagons
  • Includes four velcro straps for kids cups

Customer Reviews

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Snack tray/ wonder wagon lux 4 seater

The snack tray is very handy, however the only downside to it is the leather pad in it which I know is removable in order to clean and stuff but when our child is trying to grab puffs out of it his arms kinda hit the sides which bends the sides down causing the puffs in the tray to fall under through the void created and go under the leather part. If there would be a way to keep it little tighter around the leather part or have a lip of some sort that would lay just little bit on top of the leather all the way around that would cause this from happening. I understand for taller older children this wouldn’t be a problem as their arms could reach to grab food without pushing or hitting the side of it. Otherwise is a very good product.

Christina Poore
I love it

They make other snack trays but they fall off and are harder to clean in my opinion. This one is more expensive but there is a reason for it.

Megan Crawford

Snack Tray | W Series

Sierra Davis
Snack tray

I love this snack tray perfect for my 3 kids to use to🥰

The Creamer Family
Better then Expected!

I wasn't 100% sure how sturdy this tray would be due to some reviews I had read online. BUT...This tray is actually VERY nice! I am glad we were able to finally buy it (it was out stock for a YEAR after we bought our wagon!). It is very sturdy, deep and easy to clean. I would highly recomend buying this item, it is well worth it.

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