Cargo Net

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Cargo Net

Regular price $18.99
Regular price Sale price $18.99

Free up space inside your wagon with our Cargo Net! It keeps your extra belongings safe and secure.

4 Sided Shade Net (W Series) - Example - Side

Shade Net | W Series

Summer sometimes brings a little too much sunshine, but our shade net helps by providing partial 360-degree coverage!

+ $29.95

-Make extra space inside your wagon by storing things on the outside
-Heavy Duty
-Ideal for small cargo items
-Easy Installation

Customer Reviews

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Vanessa R.

I love our Wonderfold cargo net. I like that is it sealed at the bottom so your stuff doesn't fall out while you're moving along with your wagon. It fits the rich look of the Wonderfold wagon and the rest of their accessories. It has a good fit to the wagon whereas some of the other "hacks" out there that people use don't have the same perfect fit. I would absolutely buy again. It is fantastic for some easy access extra storage.

Danielle E.

I love these Wondernets!! They are so sleek and look so amazing paired with the wagon. They can hold so much. In use or not they make like so much easier! I can pack to my hearts content now and not have to worry about something falling or forgetting something because the wondernets got my back!

Patricia H.

The only thing that I would wanted upgraded is the hooks to be more durable, but I truly love this net! Instructions would be super useful for proper install too!

Ashley B.

I LOVE these nets! I have 2 of the wonderfold ones and 2 of some off Amazon and the wonderfold ones are just so much better and look so
Clean when on my wagons!

Emma C.

We love our Wonderfold cargo net!
Perfect for picnic dates, days at the beach etc.
It can carry blankets, toys and even folding chairs perfectly!

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