Travel Cover

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Travel Cover

Regular price $89.00
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Keep your stroller wagon protected with this padded travel cover without having to remove the wheels. This durable, lightweight, water resistant cover comes with pockets, yes pockets, for easy access while traveling and is collapsible for compact storage. While this may be your best friend while traveling, it’s not recommended for baggage check! *W4 original handlebar must be removed to put on travel cover.

4-Seater Animalini

Parent Console

Parents deserve some luxury too! The insulated cup holders on our parent consoles will help keep your drinks nice and cool on those HOT summer days.

+ $50.95

-Protect and transport your wagon in folded position without removing the wheels
-Top and side handles
-Collapsible for compact storage
-Optional wheel cover
-Front storage pocket
-Inner storage pocket for rear basket and canopy
-Not recommended for baggage check

Travel Cover



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Travel Cover

Protect and transport your wagon in folded position

Optional wheel cover

Front storage pocket

Inner storage pocket for rear basket and canopy

Travel Cover

Water resistant

Top and side handles

Specs and Dimensions

Protect your ride.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Not recommended for baggage check

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Josie K
Please don't waste ur money

I am not one to write reviews but this product deserves a review for how poorly constructed and misrepresented the product is. For a company who sells very expensive items and makes plenty of money you would think they would offer free and easy returns but since they don't I urge everyone NOT to purchase this item, at least until they reconstruct it to actually fit over the product they are selling it for. I spend close to $100 for a product that was falsely advertised, does not work and now cannot be returned. This product DOES NOT FIT on the wonder fold wagon with any of the seats or accessories and even with removing these items it took both my husband and I to slowly force it onto the wagon. A few choice words were said and we both gave up. The product itself appears to be made with quality materials and looks very nice but what kind of company makes a cover to protect it's (very expensive) product for it to only fit with the seats & accessories taken out of it? I truthfully wonder if it is so they can create and sell another product to product the seats and additional items and make even more money. I was gifted the WonderFold wagon and its fine but if I were to purchase a wagon in the future I would purchase the KEENZ as it feels like the WonderFold company no longer cares about the products and customers and only about making money. Honestly ridiculous they thought this product was ready to be sold to the public. There are better and cheaper covers on Amazon. I would take pictures and videos but I don't think I could convince my husband to try and put the cover back on - maybe I'll post some later to show the ridiculousness of this "cover".

Susana Del Villar
Perfect for Travel

I bought the Travel Cover because we were flying out and needed something to protect our Wonderful Wagon. The travel cover did the trick! It’s hassle free to put on and take off for revision. It protected our Wonderful Wagon from any damage while flying out. It eas easy to handle while it was covered. Would totally recommend 100 %

Christine M
Travel cover

I have the W2 Luxe and this travel cover fits perfectly! The zipper can be sensitive at first but a few times of zipping and unzipping and it’s not an issue. I do like that it has padding to protect your wagon and you have the option to zip up the wagon entirely or leave your handlebar exposed to wheel it around. There is also a zipper at the bottom that allows you to completely cover the wheels. Overall a nicely made travel cover!

Nicole melycher

Travel Cover

DiDi Pessu
Wonderfold Travel Cover W4 Luxe

The cover came just in time for our impromptu trip. I love it so far. It is a sturdy material yet manageable so that it’s easy to slide it onto the wagon. It’s also padded to provide protection to your precious investment. The cover comes as a bag and folds out of itself so that you don’t have to worry about misplacing the bag. I love that for me! There’s slot for the handle bar so you can easily roll it to gate check without having to carry it. There are also covers for the wheels. Wonderfold thought of everything.

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