Rain Cover | W Series

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Rainy Day Favorite!

Rain Cover | W Series

Regular price $65.95
Regular price Sale price $65.95

Keep your little ones dry in the rainy months with our rain cover!


-Made with high quality sheet, this rain cover is transparent, light, and portable
-Small holes on the sides for ventilation
-Velcro entrance for easy access, loading, and unloading

Customer Reviews

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Becca Fergie
Okay, needs improvement

It stops the rain from getting on the kids, but the handlebar is still open to rain. The side windows open but there is nothing to hold them into place to keep them open so it's just a flap. I will have to buy something separately to solve that problem. I also don't like how the front zippered bag isn't accessible with the cover on. It should also be able to be unzipped or have velcro just around the top to be accessible. The great thing is when rain pools on top, it slides on a cut of plastic that acts as a gutter and drives the rain away and out of the wagon - excellent touch. It's very fun and my kids love it, but really needs basic improvements...especially something to hold open window flaps..

Olivia B
Perfect addition

A must have if you take your wagon to sports events, theme parks, etc. Not only does it keep everything dry, it helps keep heat in as well!!

Donna Buchan
W4 Luxe Wagon Raincover

I bought this as a christmas gift for my daughter. I will have to let you know what she thinks of it in the spring!

Pretty good…

This is great, HOWEVER, after about a year of occasional use, my tots decided to open it on their own. They tore the plastic where the Velcro is sewn on. So, I bought a new one. Worth it, though!

Kara Dues

Rain Cover (W Series)

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