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WonderFold Cares | April 2022

It’s our favorite time of the month again. WonderFold Cares has developed so much and we couldn't be more grateful to give to more families in need. If you or a loved one is in need of one of our Wonderful Wagons, submit a story! We would love to hear from you and hopefully you or your loved one will be selected to win one of our stroller wagons. For the month of April, we had the honor of giving stroller wagons to multiple families and organizations. 


WonderFold Cares | April 2022

It’s our favorite time of the month again. WonderFold Cares has developed so much and we couldn't be more grateful to give to more families in need. If you or a loved one is in need of one of our Wonderful Wagons, submit a story! We would love to hear from you and hopefully you or your loved one will be selected to win one of our stroller wagons. For the month of April, we had the honor of giving stroller wagons to multiple families and organizations. 

WonderFold has had the privilege of donating to numerous nonprofits and organizations where we gifted outr W1 models for auctions for organizations such as the Chicago Autism Light It Up Blue Event; the TCP Care Auction where Wonderfold was actually one of the top three performers and was able to raise $5000 to help those diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy; the Charlotte Schwieger Leukemia Auction; and Gigi’s Playhouse.

Here are some of the stories from our recipients last month:

Jessica is one busy woman. With her fourth children coming this July, her and her husband have a lot on their plate. That’s why Jessica’s best friend nominated her for a WonderFold Wagon. The two women have been best friends since they were five. That is 24 (!) years of non stop laughter, support and love. The two met in pre-school and are now navigating the tribulations of adulthood and motherhood. Jessica is now a full-time mom after being a preschool teacher and her husband wears a lot of hats - namely, a fulltime firefighter, EMT, an ER psych department employee and a basketball coach. Phew! That’s a lot of hats! And we also cannot forget that, even while pregnant and being a mom of three, Jessica offers to help other families who may be returning back to the office with childcare. This couple doesn’t stop! But everyone needs some rest and relaxation, especially this couple. They love to have walks in the park, go to the pond and do some fishing, and visit their dad at the fire station. With three babies and a fourth one on the way, there aren’t a lot of options for larger families. And with Jessica and her husband’s hands so full, they deserve to have them free on their family outings. Which is perfect with their brand new X4 Stroller Wagon! With the weather being warmer and a July baby, this family is gonna have a great summer. 

The Rijksens have traveled a long way for their family. The family emigrated from Aruba to the United States in search of better healthcare opportunities for their daughter Lunah. Lunah had been denied life-saving interventions, including a heart repair procedure, in the Netherlands and Colombia. In Aruba, even with socialized medical insurance, Lunah with her T18 diagnosis have not been able to get the treatments that she needed in time. The Rijksens had to leave their entire life including their other kids and family back in Aruba for the care of little Lunah. But everyone is on the same page that Lunah’s recovery is top priority. The family made the move to the US in 2016 and since then, Lunah is getting the care that she desperately needed in Utah. Though there are still some uncertainties with Lunah’s medical challenges. Despite her medical journey, Lunah is happy and healthy and loves to be outdoors. The Rijksens want Lunah to live her life to the fullest. Wonderfold gifted the Rijksens a W1 Stroller Wagon for Lunah and all her adventures.

Ashley Surch is a mother of two little kiddos with a spouse in the military. While her partner is deployed, Ashley loves to take her children out on adventures. To the park, museums, pools, the world’s their oyster. And we love to see it. With a partner that’s away all the time, it’s tough being alone with two children. The Surches were gifted a X2 Stroller Wagon for all their adventures.

Angie and her husband and their two kiddos, Gianna and Ronan, are a military family who are simply trying to make ends meet. Ronan is almost two but had a terrifying experience at the start of his life. He was only three days old when he was rushed to the hospital and kept in the PICU for almost a month. After months of countless tests, Ronan was diagnosed with Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia which is a rare metabolic disorder. The first year of Ronan’s life was tough to say the least and it led Angie to staying at home to be with the kids. And with her husband being deployed and living on a single income, the Ebojo’s are making the most out of their situation. Ronan continues to surprise his family and is taking on his medical challenges on the chin. In June of last year, Ronan was diagnosed with another rare disease - Kawasaki disease. With all the therapy, tests, and numerous doctor’s visits, Ronan’s first two years of his life hasn't been the easiest. And being a military family, the Ebojo’s don’t have a lot of family close by making trips to the doctors a little harder as little Gianna joins them. Taking two kids, along with all of their belongings, including medications is a lot on Angie. But with their brand new W2 Stroller Wagon, the Ebojo’s trips to the doctors will be a little bit easier.

Whew! Another month down, folks! If you or a loved one - whomever that may be, are in need of a WonderFold Wagon, we would love to hear from you. Submit your story here. Parenting is hard enough and without some resources, it can further push us. A WonderFold wagon can make it a little bit easier. I said a “little bit”. See you again in May!


Hello, mom of 5 kiddos here. 1 of whom fought brain cancer at 7 years old. She has been through so much in her little life, she is 10 years old. She has 3 conditions that make everyday life a struggle. 1 of those is a life threatening condition. She cannot walk far distances when we go to all of her appointments which we have very often. We would be so grateful to be able to own a wonderfold wagon. Especially since my husband is deployed at the moment and we just had a baby in April and all of the errands and appointments we have to attend with my 2 under 2 + my 10 year old. We hope to be considered ♥️


Hello my name is Jenny I’m a SAHM of 3. My oldest is 7 my middle child is 6 and my baby is 2. We currently only have one vehicle which my husband uses for work. I walk with my kids to and from school, grocery store and to the laundromat. I would really love to have one of your wagons but can’t afford it at the moment, it will come in handy for me ALOT! My 2 year old get tired of walking so I will carry her on my shoulders at times if I have the market cart with items in it. Please consider me as one of your candidates! My family and I would really appreciate it.


I’m an independent sahm with two small kids and more to come. We also have an old dog. All of them might need a ride in a stroller sometimes and even at the same time. There goes also all of our stuff on it because I don’t have a car. We have very little money and basically live with benefits, wellfare, giveaways etc. We have some minor health issues still – used to have more serious situation so it has affected strongly to our lives. We don’t have a traditional family to support.

I actually thought I bought these stroller on discount but it was a scam and they have neither returned my money nor send the item. That’s actually how I found you on the other hand and I very much believe in guidance! Right now we don’t have any stroller to use because all of them need somekinda fixing or are totally Brooke. Also I’m short on everything and didn’t get the money what I’m supposed to and don’t know if I anymore will.. Interesting times we live in.

Elina Telaranta

Hello, my name is Kalista Brewer, my son is Holtyn Adkins. He is a 23 month old boy with a rare genetic condition called TBCD. Holtyn is blind, has a g tube, wears AFO boots, has microcephaly, agenenis of corpus callosum, etc. They say he will never walk or talk & his brain is slowly deteriorating. You can find his story on TikTok @holtynsmomma . We spend lots of time at the hospital, dr. Appts, & therapies & a wagon would be so helpful to go back and fourth. We can not afford the wagon due to all of his xtra needs & hospital trips. Holtyns 2nd birthday is coming up & this would be the best gift!
We are from Mingo county, WV.
Thank you for your time. 💗

Kalista Brewer

I’d like to nominate my daughter and son-in-law. He is a full time firefighter and army reservist. She is a stay at home mom to a three year old and 10 month old. She has always held down the fort with patience and love during his long 24 hour shifts at the fire station and loved to break up the day and take the kids out to enjoy the perks of her small town, the library, the park, and the coffee shop with its little play area.
Getting out for daily activities has become even more important to the family’s well-being now that he has been deployed to another continent for a year. And on a military salary taking advantage of the free or low cost activities is crucial not only their wellness and self-care but essential to their budget. She has tried a double stroller but the baby will only ride in the current wagon she has, so she can see her big brother. But, it is a pull behind and she can’t monitor the kids behind her and walk/watch the dog out in front. Her cousin has a Wonderfold and LOVES it and the kids did too when they all got to ride together in it. Sadly it’s out of their budget to purchase.
She doesn’t complain and takes care of the household and kids with so much patience and love in his absence, a stroller wagon would brighten and lighten each day until he comes home, and after!

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Jennifer Patton

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