Introducing the W-Series Retractable Stroller Canopy and Optional Pull Handle

We are so excited to share with you two of our latest accessories that will be available for presale early next year! 

Retractable Stroller Canopy and Optional Pull Handle

The Retractable Stroller Canopy

The Retractable Stroller Canopy will replace the removable canopy that comes with our stroller wagons if you prefer a more "stroller" like style canopy. It is beautifully designed and has so many features! It is super easy to install and slides right into the original canopy slots. It features optional side mesh panels for additional airflow, a peek-a-boo window for more parent and child interaction, unzips for extra coverage, and has an optional visor for additional sun protection!⁠ 

Retractable Stroller Canopy

This accessory will be available for all W-Series Stroller Wagons. It can be purchased as a single or a set in volcanic black. It is made from the same fabric as the carriage fabric and is water repellent. It will be available for preorder on January 19th at 11AM PT and will ship out sometime in early spring. *Shipping times are not guaranteed. 

Optional Pull Handle

The new Adjustable Pull Handle is a game changer! It makes navigating a heavy stroller filled with kids and all their things a breeze. This pull handle with is super easy to attach, incredibly durable, and is compatible with all W-Series Stroller Wagons. The handle simply connects and locks into the bottom of the wagon.

Optional Pull Handle Attachment

The pull handle is adjustable for height and comfort, but more importantly, is easy to pull, turn, and maneuver. It extends to 30 and 3/8 inches from the bottom carriage bar and moves away from the wagon for a more ergonomic pull. In addition, the Pull Handle buckles into the back of the carriage buckle when not in use for a slim upright position. The handle cover is made from vegan PU leather and provides a smooth a comfortable grip for the ultimate experience.

Optional Pull Handle Add On

This accessory is compatible on all W-Series Stroller Wagons. It will be available for preorder on January 26th at 11AM PT and will ship out sometime in early spring. *Shipping times are not guaranteed.


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    I would love this for my younger kids.

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