Turbo Fan

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Turbo Fan

Regular price $25.00
Regular price Sale price $25.00

Oof! It is a hot one! Good to have this hand-held fan to cool off. This baby can cool you down for up to six whole hours at full blast. This little fan can connect to anything: stroller wagons, backpacks, car seats, beach chairs, wheelchairs, bike handles & more. Keep cool on even the hottest days. And on those balmy nights, this fan is multi-functional with a built in flashlight and a USB charging port. Those hot daily outings will be a breeze!

White / Black

Boutique Stroller Hooks (Set of 2)

Boutique Stroller Hooks

Have your hands full on that grocery run? Get yourself a pair of these stroller hooks that latch onto your stroller wagon with two hooks. With a high-end metal clasp and interwoven strengthened fibers that latch on to any shape.

Sold Out

-Built in flashlight
-USB rechargeable
-6 hours of powerful, cool wind with 3 gears
-Conveniently attaches to almost anything
-Comfortable hand-held silicone grip

Customer Reviews

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Pauladacy Tellez

Perfect for the wagon!

Great fan

This fan is great! It can connect to your wagon in many places. I've used it at the race track, and a few events where I placed it in my purse then took out to use it personally! The light is a great add on!

Taya Heator

I have turned them on and they seem to work great and the light also but I haven’t used them yet (hanging them up) so hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to really see how good they are!

Martha R.

Super fancy fans. I bought the silver with gray handles. Love how I can band them almost anywhere or handheld. I'm just hoping kids won't stick fingers through vent.

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