Snack Tray | W Series

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Snack Tray | W Series

Regular price $49.95
Regular price Sale price $49.95

Now your little ones can snack or play on the go! The snack tray creates an instant surface where your little ones can have all sorts of fun!



4-Seater / Volcanic Black

Parent Console

Parents deserve some luxury too! The insulated cup holders on our parent consoles will help keep your drinks nice and cool on those HOT summer days. 2-cup beige & gray and 4-cup gray & beige restocks end of August.

+ $50.95

Clean with a soft towel, lukewarm water and mild cleaning solution. Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth.

-EASY TO INSTALL – The four clips make attaching the snack tray simple and quick
-4 CUP HOLDERS – Kids’ drinks will stay secure using velcro straps while they enjoy activities
-FAUX LEATHER SIDE – For easy cleaning after snack time
-POLYESTER SIDE – Durable fabric for a long-lasting activity tray

Snack Tray

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Snack Tray

Snack and play on the go

Faux leather side for eating and easy cleaning

Polyester fabric side for activities

Snack Tray

Easy to Install

Two-Sided Bottom Padding

Specs and Dimensions

Snack on the go!

  • Compatible on all W-Series Stroller Wagons
  • Includes four velcro straps for kids cups
  • Easy to clean

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