WonderFold Cares | March 2022

It’s that time again! The WonderFold Fairy got a chance to flutter its little wings and give a little gift for five different families every month. 

It’s hard enough being a parent and keeping a roof over your and your family’s head. We get it. Wonderfold Cares is a program that we started to help families in need. If you or a family member, friend, spouse, co-worker, neighbor, etc is in need of a WonderFold Wagon, we would love to hear your story and maybe the WonderFold Fairy will make a visit in the coming months. This month we got to give a wagon to five different families who were in need of one of our stroller wagons. Here are some of their stories!

Kate Houghton’s sister decided to submit her sister and her brother-in-law, Jeremy, for the WonderFold Cares program. Kate always wanted to adopt. She even tried to convince her parents to adopt another sibling. Kate has a big heart and always wants to share the love with those in duress. A little over six years ago, Kate and Jeremy adopted little baby Olive. They ended up fostering four babies, eventually they were able to adopt two of them to the family. And now they are fostering two more babies. Everything was initially set to adopt the first child, but Kate and Jeremy had been surprised to find out that the baby had a sister also in foster care. Foster care and adoption comes with a lot of responsibilities and a lot of emotional weight. But Kate and Jeremy, being the loving parents they are, have never faltered. 

Kate and Jeremy love to take their family on outings. Kate’s sister said in her submitted story, “their sweet family…is always doing their best to soak in the beauty of our city as my sister is incredibly intentional about introducing her children to the beauty and culture and educational opportunities our city has to offer.” Naturally, with such a large family, this comes with its own challenges. The Houghtons were gifted a W4 wagon for all their excursions. We wish this lovely family the best of luck on their adoption and fostering journey.

Jesus Guerreo and his wife have a family of five that was hit devestatingly by the pandemic. The pandemic affected many families all over the world, unemployment was high, and the Guerreo’s were one of many who had to file for bankruptcy. The family unfortunately lost their home and car. With the excess of bills on top of bills, the couple couldn’t afford groceries. Come later in 2020, the Guerreo family was given another surprise. Jesus’s wife was pregnant was a baby girl, their third child. The pregnancy was unexpected to say the least. The Guerreo’s were excited for their little girl but were worried about their financial state and how they would welcome a new baby into their family. And being a family of five in a one bedroom apartment, it’s pertinent for this family to get out as much as possible. And the Guerreos are nothing but determined! When life knocks you down, you get back up. The family of five may live within tight financial limits but they are a happy and loving family. For their daily outings, the family has had their eye on WonderFold for a minute but it was never the right time. But now the Guerreos have been gifted a W4 Stroller Wagon for all their outings together as a family! And we at WonderFold wish the Guerreo family the best of luck for the future.

Magnolia White was only 4 and a half years old when she suffered through an hour-long seizure on June 22, 2021. After the scary episode her parents took her to the doctors where it was revealed she had a tumor behind her left ear. The tumor showed that little Maggie has a rare cancer called CNS neuroblastoma. Only twenty kids in the past ten years have been diagnosed with the disease. Thankfully, the tumor was quickly removed. But Maggie still had to undergo three different conditioning chemotherapy treatments and two more rounds of extreme chemo. Obviously, this puts a lot of stress on Maggie’s body. The little girl is pushing through the treatments but is still coming home exhausted. Due to her chemotherapy, Magnolia has been suffering one of the side effects called “foot drop” which prevents her from walking well. And little Maggie has to go to the hospital every other day. With her difficulty walking, her parents needed a way to get her around. They can’t carry her with the installed tubes in her chest and stomach and Maggie is too big for a regular stroller. Maggie loves being outside, her illness is a hindrance. Magnolia and her family have been given a W2 Stroller Wagon. With the Stroller Wagon, Maggie and her family can make up for lost time and get to enjoy their freedom and a little sunshine during this time in their life!

Every family has a story to share. If you or someone you love is in need of one of our WonderFold Stroller Wagons, we would love to hear from you! All you need to do is go to our WonderFold Cares page and submit!