A WonderFold Act of Kindess - July 2020

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While this year’s fourth of July was filled with popsicles and fireworks, WonderFold Wagon celebrated a little differently this year. With our recent launch of our Special Needs Program, we are so proud that we have been able to help many families create amazing memories together. As our mission is to bring families closer together and make every moment matter, we want to share how we've been giving back to our WonderFold community. Aside from our Special Needs Program, every month we have been donating to non profit/charitable organizations that align with our mission. We want to help raise awareness for their cause and celebrate their hard work.

Last month, we were truly inspired by the family in our first Feature Friday post. We donated to an amazing organization that directly helps those who rock an extra chromosome! Trisomy 21, or more commonly known as Down Syndrome, is a genetic disorder where a person is born with three copies of the 21st chromosomes rather than two. Fun fact: one in every 691 babies born in the United States is born with Down syndrome, which makes it the most common chromosome abnormality.

The National Association for Down Syndrome (NADS) is the oldest organization in the United States to serve those who have been born with Down syndrome and their families. Their mission is to support all persons with Down syndrome in achieving their full potential. They provide families with resources to enable them to access and evaluate appropriate services, educate the public about Down syndrome, address social policy issues and challenges facing the Down syndrome community, and more!

One program that NADS offers is called the NADS Parent Support Program, where a family delivering a baby with Down syndrome will receive a basket full of books about Down syndrome, gifts for the new parents and baby, and other resources to help them prepare for their adventure as a new family.

They are not only enriching the lives of people with Down syndrome, they are also helping their families thrive! 

We are so happy to have donated to this amazing cause and bring awareness to their organization. To learn more about NADS, please take a moment to visit www.NADS.org.

Is there any organization that you love that may benefit from our donation? Let us know by emailing specialneeds@wonderfoldwagon.com and include why you think they would be a good fit! 

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