A WonderFold Act of Kindess - August 2020

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Last month we wanted to do something special for our local healthcare workers at the UCI Medical Center. 

UCI Medical Center is the region’s only Level I trauma center and Level II pediatric trauma center, as well as being the region’s only high-risk perinatal/neonatal program and maternal fetal transport system. They also have 30 licensed beds in their level III NICU. 

Over 10 ICU staff members are currently expecting or are new parents and what better way to pay it forward than starting with those who help our friends and family when they need it the most! 

We also had the opportunity to donate to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. They are dedicated to significantly improving the lives of people with Down syndrome through Research, Medical Care, Education and Advocacy. 

They have an annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion show that is a HUGE event that includes a fashion show and a silent auction. Even celebrities show their support by attending! We had the pleasure of donating to their silent auction to help raise funds for their amazing cause. 

Want to learn more? Head over to their website and get involved today!


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